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Mediterranean Pilot VoL III. Covers the Ionian Sea
Mediterranean Pilot VoL IV. Covers the Aegean Sea
List of Lights Vol. E. Mediterranean, Black and Red Seas 
The Ionian Islands to the Anatolian Coast
H.M. Denham. John Murray. 
The Aegean H.M. Denham. John Murray
Classic yachtsman's guides. Contain much interesting information particularly on naval history.

Blue Guide: Greece
~Robin Barber, John Flower
Price: 15.19
Lonely Planet: Corfu and the Ionian Islands
~Sally Webb
Paperback - Lonely Planet Publications / 31 March, 2000
Price: 7.19
Landscapes of Western Crete
~Jonnie Godfrey, Elizabeth Karslake (Photographer)
Paperback - Sunflower Books / 30 April, 1997
Price: 7.99
The Rough Guide to Crete (4th Ed)
~John Fisher, et al
Paperback - Rough Guides Limited / July 1998
Price: 10.49
The Rough Guide to the Ionian Islands
~John Gill
Paperback - Rough Guides / 25 May, 2000
Price: 7.19
National Geographic Traveler Greece
~Mike Gerrard
Combining in-depth information with high quality maps and photographs, this guide features detailed descriptions of major cultural, architectural and historical sites and includes commissioned walks and drives, plus regional and city maps. Places of interest are also highlighted on the maps.
Paperback - AA Publishing / 31 May, 2001
Price: 11.99
The Greek Islands
~Paul Hetherington
Aimed at travellers to the Greek Islands who are interested in the survivals of the medieval and Byzantine periods. With the map plans and illustrations, the personal tours of the sites on each of the 47 islands plus the explanations and historical settings, this is a definitive and scholarly...
Paperback - Quiller Press Ltd / April 2001
Price: 10.36

Flowers of Greece and the Aegean.
Anthony Huxley and William Taylor.

Flowers of the Mediterranean.
Anthony Huxley and Oleg Polunin. - Both the above have excellent colour photographs and line
drawings for identification.
Herbs of Greece. Alta Niebur. 
Trees and Shrubs of Greece. George Sfikas.
Hamlyn Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the Mediterranean A.C. Campbell. Comprehensive guide on Mediterranean marine life.
The Yachtsman's Naturalist. M. Drummond and P. Rodhouse. About England and Northern Europe but many species are common to the Mediterranean.
British Whales. Dolphins and Porpoises. F.C. Fraser. As above.
Fishes of Greece. Published by the Efstathidis Group and available in Greece. A poor guide.
Dangerous Marine Animals. Bruce Halstead. The standard reference work.

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