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Northern Ionian

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Corfu, Preveza, Levkas, Argostoli, Zante

PROHIBITED AREAS The NE coast of Corfu and mainland coast 1M offshore from the Albanian border to Pasoudhi Island. Vathi immediately N of Preveza. 
Othoni Island NE Point (Akri Kastri)   Fl W 10 sec 21M
Othoni Island SW Point  Gp Fl (2) W 6 sec 6M
Erikoussa Island  Gp Fl (3) W 15 sec 6 M
Lagoudhia Rock (Corfu)  Gp Fl (3) W 14 sec 6 M
Pasoudhi Island (Igoumenitsa)  GpFl (2)W9 sec 5 M
Sivota Island  Gp Fl (3) W 20 sec 11 M
Lakka (Paxos)  Gp Fl (3) 24 sec 20 M
Panayia (Paxos)  Fl WR 5 sec W 10 M R 8M
Anti-Paxos  Occ WR 6 sec W 12 M R 9 M
Cape Mytikas (Preveza)  F 1 WR 3 sec W 7 M R 5 M
Levkas Canal N Entrance  Gp Fl (2) WR 12 sec W8MR5 M
Sesoula Rock (Levkas)  Fl W 4.5 sec 8 M
Cape Dhoukaton (Levkas)  Fl W 10 sec 24 M
Cape Yerogambas (Cephalonia)  Qk Fl (2) W 10 sec 26M
Cape Fiskardo (Cephalonia)  Fl W 3 sec 6 M
Cape Ayios Nicolaos (Ithaca)  Gp Fl (3) W 15 sec 7M
Cape Oxia  Fl (2) W 15 sec 17 M
Cape Skinari (Zante)  Fl W 1.5 sec 22M
Cape Keri (Zante)  Gp Fl (3+1) W 15 sec 17 M
Preveza Aero RC (3855'N 2046'E Approx).  PRV 353 kHz 50M 24 hours.
Kerkira Aero RC (3936'.52N 1955'E)  KEK 403 kHz 25 M 24 hours.


Greek Marinas

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