Sardinia. Italian Marinas.

Italy. Collection of marinas and ports of Mediterranean from The large information site for the fans of Yachting and Sailing. Already there are more than 200 plans both descriptions of marinas and ports. Author's Photo gallery of two Whitbread Races.

MarinaPorto di Olbia.
Marina Porto Cervo.
Marina Portorotondo.
Marina Arbatax.
Marina Alghero.
Marina Cagliari.
Marina Porto Torres.
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Capo Testa




W. square Tr. and 2-storay dwelling. Vis. 017 - 256(239) Res Lt. 11M.
Capo Ferro



Lt.Fl.(3)15sec.24M.52m. W. round Tr. 2-storey dwillng. Aeromarine. RC.
Capo Comino 4113.2'N 1304.2'E Lt.Fl.5sec.15M.26m. W. square stone Tr. Obscured 010-shore. Reserve Lt.10M.
Capo Bellavista 3955.8'N 942.8'E Lt.Fl.(2)10sec.25M.165m. W. square battlemented Tr. and dwilling, B. bands.
      Lt.F.R.7M.145m. Same structure. Vis.164-177.5(13.5) over Isolotto Ogliastre.
Capo Carbonara 3906.2'N 930.8'E Lt.Fl.7.5sec.23M.120m. W round Tr. Vis 217-109(252) Reserve Lt. range 17M.
Capo di Pula 3859.0'N 901.2'E Lt.Fl.(4) 15sea.11M.48m. W. round masonry Tr. Fl.R.5sec.3M. Fl.G. 5sec.3M.%M.SW.
Capo San Marco 3951.6'N 826.1'E Lt.Fl.(2)10sec.22M.57m. Round Tr. with two balconies on 2-storey dwilling.

Italian Marinas.