Turkey. Sea of Marmara. Marinas, port, charts, nautical information for sailing.

Turkey. Marinas, Ports, Charts and Nautical Information

Turkey. Aegean Sea. Bodrum to Marmaris.

Plains and maps of Turkey ports and marinas, picturesque anchorage for yachting, sailing and cruising in Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

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TR016. Bodrum to Marmaris.
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After leaving Palamut harbor and passing Cape Adatepe, we enter Adatepe Bay which should be approached keeping clear of the rocks at the end of the eastern cape and of the cliffs that divide the beach. There is a shelter here that is used by fishing vessels. One may anchor before the beach. If we leave this lovely bay and continue on our way we pass Cape Kargili Bük and Cape Parmak and arrive at the forest encircled Magara ("Cave") Bay whose name is derived from the sea cave at the eastern entrance Passing Inceburun, we enter Kargi Bay just before Datça. One approaches Datça jetty from here through the channel passing Toparca Island.
Datça is a county seat and the name given to the entire peninsula. One may find whatever one needs here. Datça is the original site of the city of Knidos, which was relocated in 540 B.C. during the Persian invasions. Old Knidos is located 1.5 km north of modern Datça on a hill where there is an acropolis. On the southern side are the remains of an ancient harbor.


Bodrum to Marmaris

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