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Background Barbados has an area of 431 sq. km and lies to the east of St. Vincent and the windward islands of the lesser Antilles. The island is 34 kilometers long and 23 kilometers wide at its widest point. Barbados is generally flat with gently undulating terrain. Mount Hillaby, the highest point rises to 336 meters. Coral deposits form the surface of the island and are under laid by sedimentary rock. Barbados has no natural deep water harbors and is largely surrounded by coral reefs. The climate is tropical and tempered by sea breezes. This island lacks mineral resources and nearly all the natural vegetation has been cleared for cultivation. Bridgetown is the capital.
Official Language: English. Population: 266,000
Currency: Barbados Dollar (B$). Exchange Rate: U.S. $1.00 = B$2.00
Time Zone: EST+1; GMT -4 
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Caribbean sailing    Caribbean Countries