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Background Guadeloupe consists of the twin islands Basse-Terre to the west and Grand Terre to the east along with several smaller islands with land area of 687 sq. miles.  Saint Barthelemy and the northern two-thirds of Saint Martin are island dependencies of Guadeloupe, lying 240 kilometers to the northwest.
Basse-Terre is a thickly forested mountainous island of volcanic origin. Grand-Terr is a limestone island of coral origin with low hills rising to 150 meters and extending through the central and southern part of the island. Grand-Terre has an indented coast encircled by coral reefs and the River Salee, a narrow channel six kilometers long and five meters deep, lined with mangrove swamps separates the two islands. The capital is Basse-Terre.
Nationality: French citizen. Official Language: French. Population: 422,000
Time Zone: EST + 1; GMT -4
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