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Background Official Name: Montserrat. Area: 102 square km (39.5 sq. miles)
Capital: Plymouth. Official Language: English. Population: 4,000
Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (ECD). Exchange Rate: 1 U.S. $ = (ECD)2.70
Time Zone: EST + 1; GMT -4
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8.38 Montserrat (16°45'N., 62°12'W.) lies about 11 miles SE of Redonda. The island presents a rugged and uneven appearance from seaward. A number of peaks, wooded to their summits, are sometimes enveloped in clouds.
8.38 The highest peak which has an elevation of 914m is attained near the S end of Soufriere Hills. The coasts of the island are bold and steep-to.
8.38 The 20m curve lies in places within 0.2 mile of the island. Depths of less than 12.8m extend nearly 0.5 mile W from Bransby Point, the W extremity of the island.
8.38Tides—Currents.—Tidal currents along the coast attain a rate of about 0.5 knot, except off the N and S extremities, where the W currents attain rates of up to 2 knots but the E currents are weak.
8.38 Aspect.—Two lights for the use of aircraft are exhibited in the vicinity of Blackburne airport on the E coast 1.5 miles ENE of the summit of Center Hill.
8.38 Radio masts stand 1.5 miles NNE of the summit of Center Hill.
8.39 Plymouth (16°42'N., 62°13'W.) (World Port Index No. 11420), once the capital of the island, is situated on the SW side of the island. The city of Plymouth was destroyed in 1997 by volcanic ash.
The port of Plymouth is closed until further notice due to volcanic activity. All traffic is now routed through Little Bay, 6 miles N of Plymouth, about 0.5 mile S of Rendezvous Bluff, a prominent headland.
8.39 Anchorage.—The recommended anchorage for large vessels is in 16.5m, about 0.5 mile offshore, about 1 mile WNW of the town. Small vessels can anchor anywhere off the W side of the island, including Cars Bay, Old Road Bay, and Fox Bay.
8.39 There is a prohibited anchorage off Plymouth, the limits of which can best be seen on the chart.
8.39 Caution.—Due to continued volcanic activity on the island of Montserrat, mariners are advised to avoid the area. The area W of Montserrat is subject to heavy ash falls.
It is reported (1997) that a delta is forming on the E coast in the vicinity of position 16°43.1'N, 62°07.6'W. Toxic gases and abnormally high seas may be expected S of Montserrat.
8.39 It was reported (2004) that due to volcanic activity, an exclusion zone has been established on the E and S coasts to a minimum distance of 2,000m off the present shoreline.


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