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Background Saba is one of the islands of the Netherlands Antilles. The island is a single solid mountain rising to 2,864 feet above sea level. The five square mile island in the northeastern Caribbean, 28 miles south of St. Maarten, is known for its rich, tropical natural beauty including a dense rainforest. The island has one road to its capital-The Bottom. Its terrain is very precipitous.
Language:  Dutch, English and Spanish. Population:  1,200
Time Zone:  Eastern Standard Time + 1 hour
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Saba (17°38'N., 63°14'W.), which is a Netherlands Antillies territory, is a prominent island, located about 26 miles SW of Saint Barthelemy. The island rises nearly perpendicularly from the sea, but Mount Scenery, its 870m high summit, which is reported to be visible for 30 miles on a clear day, is usually enveloped in clouds. The island is a mass of rugged mountains, with deep precipitous ravines.
8.28 The coast forms virtually no bays or bights, and the mountains fall off so steeply into the sea that there is nothing that can be called a beach.
8.28 Two conspicuous radio masts stand on the island at the summit of Mount Scenery and on Paris Hill. A light is exhibited at Saint John’s, 0.5 mile ENE of Fort Bay.
8.28 There is a small harbor in Fort Bay, which provides good shelter from the prevailing NE wind and E swell.
8.28 A breakwater projects 91m from the shore of the harbor. The N side of the breakwater is quayed with depths of 7.3m alongside its outer end shoaling to 3.4m at its root. A pilot is available if requested in advance.

Saba. Courtesy of Bill Fry.

Anchorage.—Anchorage may be obtained off Fort Bay, in Ladder Bay, and close W of Torrens Point. There is good temporary anchorage off Fort Bay about 0.1 mile from the head of Fort Bay breakwater, in a depth of 15m, good holding ground, but the anchorage is exposed to E winds.
8.28 There is a good temporary anchorage in Ladder Bay, when the weather is good, in depths of 17 to 22m, with the stone steps at Ladder Landing bearing 152° about 0.2 mile. This anchorage is generally considered the most suitable for a prolonged stay. Anchorage is also available in Wells Bay close W of Torrens Point, in 22 to 27m, sand bottom. The bank is steep in this area and a kedge anchor is advised to prevent
8.28 Caution.—A rock, awash, lies about 0.3 mile WSW of Torrens Punt. A prohibited anchorage area lies off the W coast of the island between Tent Point and Ladder Bay as shown on the chart.


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