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Mediterranean Sea Atlas from

Mediterranean Sea Chart Atlas    

Nautical Raster Charts Mediterranean, Caribbean, International     

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Mediterranean Atlas is list of charts of Mediterranean region in a 1:500 000 scale. Each list cover the area in 2 x 3 grad of longitude and latitude. Projection of a charts in Atlas are drawn in own "quasi-Lambert". This is not a Lambert Conformal Conic projection and have some distortion - different in each regions.
Therefore this charts do not intended for navigation and can be used for preliminary planning of the cruises or learning of region of your future vacation.
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Mediterranean Atlas. Charts in scale 1:500 000. 88 maps for free download. Not for nautical navigation. Recommended for cruises planning only.

Mediterranean Sea Chart Atlas BSB 2.0

Nautical charts for Fugawi, Sea Clear, Ozi Explorer, Raster Charts.    Mediterranean, Caribbean, International

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Maps Mediterranean Charts Support FAQ

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