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Chart # 1. Nautical Charts Symbol Abbreviation and Terms.


Chart #1. United States of America. Nautical Chart Symbol, Abbreviations and Terms  
 - Introduction and Schematic Layout
- A. Chart Number, Title, Marginal Notes
- B. Positions, Distances, Directions, Cornpass
- C. Natural Features
- D. Cultural Features
- E. Landmarks
- F. Ports
- G. Topographic Terms
- H. Tides, Currents
- I. Depths
- J. Nature of the Seabed
- K. Rocks, Wrecks, Obstructions
- L. Offshore Installations
- M. Tracks, Routes
- N. Areas, Limits
- O. Hydrographic Terms
- P. Lights
- Q. Buoys, Beacons
- R. Fog Signals
- S. Radar, Radio Electronic Position-Fixing Systems
- T. Services
- U. Small Craft Facilities
- V. Index of Abbreviations
- W. International Abbreviations
- X. List of Descriptors

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