Mediterranean Sea Chart Atlas BSB 2.0

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Mediterranean Sea Atlas from in scale 1:500 000. BSB2.0

Mediterranean Atlas is list of 54 charts of Mediterranean region in a 1:500 000 scale. Each list cover the area in 2 x 3 grad of longitude and latitude. Projection of a charts in Atlas are drawn in own "quasi-Lambert". This is not a Lambert Conical projection and have some distortion - different in each regions.
Therefore this charts do not intend for navigation and can be used for preliminary planning of the cruises or learning of region of your future vacation.
 Catalogue#>   Chart's name. BSB
C1 Gibraltar  Download
C2 Tanger  Download
C3 Almeria  Download
C4 Oran Download
C5 Tenes  Download
C6 Valencia Download
C7 Ibiza & Mallorca  Download
C8 Barselona  Download
C9 Marseille  Download
C10 North coast of Menorca  Download
C11 Mallorca & Menorca Download
C12 Algiers  Download
C13 Nice     Download
C14 Bonifaccio Strait from West  Download
C15 Sardegna. SW coast  Download
C16 Constantina Download
C17 Genova Gulf  Download
C18 Livorno  Download
C19 Bonifaccio Strait from East  Download
C20 Sardegna. SE coast  Download
C21 Sicilian Channell. Tunis  Download
C22 Tunisia. Sfax  Download
C23 Tunisia. Island Gerba Download
C24 Venice & Triest  Download
C25 Ancona & San Marino  Download
C26 Roma & Napoli Download
C27 Palermo  Download
C28 Sicilly & Gozo  Download
C29 Malta. Download
C30 Tripoli. Download
C31 Zadar Download
C32 Split  Download
C33 Bari  Download
C34 Messina and Calabria  Download
C35 Sicilly. E coast  Download
C39 Dubrovnic  Download
C40 Albania. Vlera  Download
C41 Ionian Island  Download
C42 Zante Island  Download
C46 Thessaloniki  Download
C47 Evia & Mainland  Download
C48 Pelloponnesus  Download
C49 Crete. West part  Download
C52 Alexandroupolis  Download
C53 Eastern Sporades  Download
C54 Cyclades  Download
C55 Crete. East part. Download
C61 Sea of Marmara  Download
C63 From Kusadasi to Finike  Download
C64 Karpathos  Download
C73 Antalya  Download
C74 Cyprus. West approaches  Download
C82 Mersin  Download
C83 Cyprus. East part   Download



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