Andrei Andreyevich Serbutovskiy [Serbutovski, Serbutovsky] Artist Gallery Painting. Biography

Andrei Andreyevich Serbutovskiy  (Serbutovski, Serbutovsky)

Ukrainian honored artist, painting

Born, August 18, 1923, lived and worked in Poltava.
(1936-1937) became acquainted with the basics of the artistic certificate of the man of the older sister of Eugene -Professional artist Mykola Nikolaevich Volkov.
Participant in the fighting of the Great Patriotic War from November 1943 to May 1945. Sergeant, commander of the infantry department. Participant in the Battle of the Dnieper. He was awarded the Order of the Red Star.
On January 26, 1948, he was enrolled in the art workshop of the Poltava City Supreme Complex during 1950-1957. He was the exhibit of the regional (Poltava KM) and Republican (Kyiv) art exhibitions dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Ukraine's reunification with Russia.
On December 2, 1961, the members of the Union of Artists of the USSR in the painting section were adopted.
On January 19, 1962, the members of the Union of Artists of the USSR in the Painting section.
1963 - Delegate of the Second All -Union Congress of Artists (Moscow).
On June 27, 1964 -he ended a full course of evening high school, received a certificate of secondary education.
1968 Delegate of the IV Republican Congress of Artists (Kyiv)
1968-1973 Member of the Board of the Union of Artists of Ukraine.
September 17 - October 25, 1973 The first solo exhibition of works (Poltava Art Salon), exhibits 91 works.
In 1974, international recognition came to the master. His works are exhibited at the exhibitions of contemporary Soviet painting in the cities of Japan Kyoto, Kitakyushu, Hachioji, along with the works of the recognised Soviet masters of the brush. Reproductions of paintings together with a portrait of the artist and biographical information about him are placed in catalogs published in Japan (1974-1980).
On April 8, 1983, a petition for the honorary title "Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR" was violated. The title was assigned only 10 years.
1994 was awarded the title "Honored Artist of Ukraine".
October 29, 2006 died at the age of 83. He was buried in the central city cemetery.
He worked in genres: portrait, still life, landscape.
The works are in the museums of Ukraine: the Poltava Museum, the Poltava Art Museum and in private meetings of Ukraine and other countries of the world.
Participant in 4 international, 1 USSR, 14 republican, 66 regional and 11 personal exhibitions.